Web Security Compliance

Security Compliance refers to the practice of strong, security-focused behaviors and then following the steps that are necessary to fully comply with the relevant laws, policies, and regulations.


  1. Operations:

    • An internal scan can be run to detect device vulnerability
    • Third-party scans can be run to detect a vulnerability and check for compliance
    • In-house and third-party penetration testing can be conducted
    • Documentation, practices, and ongoing employee education
    • Firewall management procedures
    • Data classification/ownership
    • Incident management
  2. Management and human resources:
    • Each employee undergoes a mandatory security awareness training and review process
    • Strict least-privilege access practices can be observed throughout teams
    • Mandatory non-disclosure and confidentiality agreements can be implemented
    • Background checks and skill assessments can be utilized
    • Active management can be practiced within all facets of the security community

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