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The Mobile Movement


There’s no doubt that the mobile world has become increasingly popular. With more and more people using smartphones as a primary source of information, they have once again changed the game for businesses and consumers. Especially this holiday season, many shoppers are physically in one store while shopping in another.

As a way to find the fastest information on the go, consumers are taking advantage of their smartphones to lead the way to the best deals. In fact, reports are now showing that thirty percent of users are shopping on their phones while they are in stores. Even while shopping, users are sharing their findings and deals with their online community with social channels. So although shoppers are physically walking around aisles, they are mentally somewhere else.

What does this tell us? Well first, everyone is hunting for the best deal. But also, this proves that consumer attention is elsewhere. The shopping experience has changed; everything from finding a store, browsing products, to comparing prices are being provided to consumers via smartphones.

With location-based services and smartphones becoming the primary interface for consumers, getting businesses on the mobile map can increase user interaction and hopefully attract, and hold, the attention of mobile users. To continue the relationship between businesses and consumers, now is the time to make the move to mobile.


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