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Facebook Testing Pages Feed

Brands want to reach all of their fans, and some fans want to see every post by a brand, so Facebook is coming to the rescue with a solution!

Facebook is beginning to roll out a new feature so that if you want to receive a notification every time a Page updates, you are able to by going to the drop-down menu from the “Liked” button and clicking “Get Notifications.” This way, you never have to miss a beat from your favorite brands.

Receive notifications from your favorite brands

Facebook is also currently testing a separate “Pages” feed to stay up to date with the Pages you like. If you don’t see this test on the left side of your navigation, you can also click here to gain access.

If you are in the test, the Pages Feed will appear in the left hand column

While I think receiving notifications from brands you love is a good thing, I fear that brands will try to push this option to their fans, hoping that their fans enable this to receive a notification  every item the brand posts. I would rather see brands post engaging content to focus on being seen by their fans naturally through the News Feed and in turn, people enable this feature on their own, without the prodding to do so from the Page.

I hope to see the Pages Feed roll out to all users, providing that Page Posts still receive ample room in the traditional News Feed. Having a separate Pages Feed will allow users to more aptly see updates from the brands they love, without the need for notifications as shown above,  including the promotions and engagement tactics brands use. Having a separate Feed for just Pages allows users to focus only on the brand posts and not on the updates from their friends.

This Pages Feed has the potential to impact Reach and other social media metrics in a positive way, allowing Page posts to be seen in chronological order rather than through the traditional News Feed using EdgeRank.

My only concern is that Brand Pages must still be evident within the traditional News Feed. Many users will likely not visit this Pages Feed, so Page posts still need to be seen in the traditional News Feed.

What do you think of these tests from Facebook?


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