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Great Free Media Planning Tools

Media planners have many tools at their disposal to research and select sites that will help clients reach their target audiences. Very often we’re targeting large audiences by demographic or region, and we can use standard syndicated data tools such as @Plan, comScore, or the SRDS, a provider of media rates and data, to help us identify sites that index high with our target audiences. This is fine for clients who want to reach very large groups of people such as females 18 to 24 in the northeastern United States.

But what about when you’re going after a niche audience such as users of a particular technology or collectors of classic cars? In these cases, those data sources are not as helpful because many niche sites do not show up on their radar screens. Instead, you have to start prospecting online to find sites that cater to those audiences. However, a slew of available tools and tactics can help you find and research those sites.

So here is a list of free resources that planners can use when trying to find hard-to-find sites:

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