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How to keep Your Company’s Social Media Accounts from being Compromised

Did you know that 600,000 Facebook accounts are compromised every day? I didn’t either, until I read a recent article discussing how Facebook is taking steps in security to make sure user accounts are not hacked.  Getting your social media account hacked is not only frustrating, but it can also be dangerous since hackers will have access to all your personal information and gain your friends’ information as well. This is especially damaging to businesses that use social media, in that they have more to lose when their accounts are hacked. Not only will hackers have their personal business information but businesses will also lose the confidence of customers they worked hard to gain. To avoid this here are some tips to make sure your businesses social media stays secure and “hacker proof.”

Use Strong Passwords

Use strong passwords when creating a social media account with a large variety of characters that will be hard for hackers to decipher. Make sure to use a password that is different from your company’s e-mail account; otherwise it will make it easier for hackers to gain company info.

Strong Social Media Policy

Have a strong social media policy, so that there are limits and goals for employees to follow when using the company’s social media account. Company employees should have a good understanding of what they should and should not share publicly on the company’s social media platform. While on the topic, businesses should make a habit of disabling accounts of former employees lest they decide to share confidential info about the company through your social media site out of spite.

Use Credible URL Shortening Sites

Shortened URL’s have become popular for companies because it allows more content to get their message across when facing character limitations on certain social sites. However, be careful which URL shortening site you use because some provide  URLs that trick users into visiting unsafe websites. Choose a URL shortening site like or since they are more trustworthy.

Using these tips can keep a company’s social media  account from being compromised and losing business over it. What are some other tips that you use to keep your social media from being hacked? Do you friend only people you know? Disable comments? Let us know in a comment below.

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