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Immersive Media brings 360 degree viewing to online motion video

Just came across a very interesting company – Immersive Media Corporation ( – and their products and services are going to change the way you view online motion video.

Everyone is familiar with the 360 degree views of hotel rooms, new autos, and house tours but these images all suffer from the same problem – they are static because they are really nothing more than a bunch of carefully shot still images stitched together with software. You can pan around your potential hotel room as many times as you like but the images are lifeless because there is no real movement in the frame.

Immersive Media has changed all that with a hardware and software platform that allows a viewer full control over what they see. Their suite of cameras, image capture hardware and processing software creates a seamless motion video file that can be streamed over the Internet or distributed through more conventional means.

The implications for the travel and tourism industry are obvious but the Immersive Media platform also offers new options to the gaming, transportation, and regulatory industries. Their platform ups the ante for online marketers as well.

Everyone loves hitting the “play” button on their screen. Rich media ads that use flash movies built from static images or simple video clips look like yesterday’s news when compared to a full motion video sequence that allows the user complete control over what they are seeing.

Take a look at their site and their demos and then weigh in with your opinion: Is this the next big thing or just an interesting technological angle in search of a big break?

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