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International Online Video Watching

According to a recent eMarketer report, some elements of social media are experiencing rapid growth in other countries, especially online video in Western Europe.

A JupiterResearch study showed that the percentage of UK Internet users watching online video jumped from 8% in 2006 to almost 30% in 2007.

Even more interestingly, a survey by Isobar found that while 90% of the French online audience ages 15 to 49 had seen at least one video ad in May of 2007, about 55% of these people went on to visit the Web site of the brand that was being advertised. About 33% searched online for information about the advertised product, and over 22% requested more information. A whopping 20% of these online video viewers then actually went on to buy the product!

Source: eMarketer Report, April 2008.

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