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Meet Overdrive’s Newest Temp

If you give a marketing firm a puppy, they’re going to call the owner.  When they’re done calling the owner, they’ll want to take the puppy from the parking lot, to make sure it is safe.  They may get carried away and take her everywhere they go, which means they’ll need a leash…

Today some fortunate members of the Overdrive team stumbled upon a little terrier named Dante, camouflaged in the mulch surrounding the parking lot.  A woman from a neighboring office was watching the pup to keep it safe, waiting for the owner to return her call.  We relieved her of her duties and whisked little Dante off on a trip to Whole Foods, so the woman could return to work (well, we sure weren’t going to leave her to roam the parking lot).  We decided to buy the owner a little time to respond to the phone call before calling Animal Rescue.

Using a parachute cord found in the back of our vehicle, we were able to provide Dante with a leash and a significantly less dangerous means of exercise.  Little known fact: dogs love hanging out in front of the grocery store.  Though she was unimpressed by the lunch options at the store (I can’t disagree, Dante), the newest Overdrive temp was thrilled to come back to the office kitchen and hang out until her mom came to get her.  After undertaking the usual temporary employee tasks of finger-licking and tail-wagging, it was time for Dante to be on her way.

Not only do the people at Overdrive care about their work, but they strive to make the surrounding community a safer place for everyone.  That, and we really like taking road trips with adorable puppies.

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