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New “Per-Post Insights” Provide More Insights for Fan Pages

Facebook has rolled out a new insights feature called Per-Post Insights that will help admins of Fan Pages measure the effectiveness of content posted on the Facebook page. The insights are applied to status updates, shared videos, shared photos; anything page admins posts on the page’s wall. All admins of Fan Pages should see this feature. This new feature will allow admins to see which type of content is more effective at garnering interactions, and will provide insights on how to structure the publishing schedule.

Key features of the Per-Post Insights:

  • Impressions can come from a users News Feed, a visit to the Page, or through the Fan Box widget.
  • If the post is served to a user below the fold, it counts as an impression. Impressions count the number of times the post in rendered in a users browser.
  • Feedback % measures comments and likes. The formula is: (Comments+Likes)/Impressions

Admins will be able to see these stats below each post made on the fan page, and this feature is retroactive back to mid-November.

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