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Overdrive Lunch n’ Learn: Blogging

Today’s lunch hour at Overdrive was one of learning, laughing and blogging. The employees at Overdrive gathered over sandwiches to talk about the importance of blogging, to share blogging tactics and concepts, as well as give encouragement to our peers that we all have something valuable to share through the Overdrive Blog.

Overdrive Interactive - Lunch N' Learn - Feb 2010

The presentation included games and interactive presentations, as it was lunch hour after all. We gathered in groups of three to complete a madlibs hand out about our office cubicals (this included jogging our memories about the definition of adjectives and superlatives).

Overdrive Interactive - Lunch N' Learn - Feb 2010

Not only did the activity elicit entertaining presentations, but it also got us thinking about content in a new light. We all read the same news every day, but we all have different opinions about what we read and what we take away from particular articles. This segued into our presentation of generating content and forming opinions about news articles relevant to the marketing industry.

Lunch n’ Learning wouldn’t be complete without a homework assignment. Employees left with a new topic for their next blog post, so stay tuned!

Happy Friday from Overdrive Interactive!

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