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Overdrive Takes on Sky Zone

Yesterday, the Overdrive team headed to our client, Sky Zone Boston, for some afternoon fun! Who doesn’t love jumping on trampolines — and did I mention that it’s a great workout?  The team headed out of the office around 3:30pm for our 4 o’clock dodgeball match-up.  We arrived at Sky Zone, pumped up and ready to go, checked in, and went over the rules for the trampoline park. We each got a pair of Sky Zone’s special“Sky Socks,” which improve traction on the trampolines and the mats. Once we had our socks, we were all ready to get started!

20140130_164454When we first entered the trampoline park, the court monitor started us off with a quick warm-up to get us ready to bounce. The warm-up was intense, but it was a great way to get excited for the dodgeball tournament! The Overdrive team was feeling great as we headed over the dodgeball stadium to get started. The court monitor split us into two teams for the tournament, explained the rules, and the fun began!






The first round of dodgeball was a bit intense — especially for me (I haven’t played since junior high)! Everyone had their game face on, and it was really fun to play and to watch — the Overdrive team really knows how to have fun and work together! Each team worked together to come up with a strategy to get the other team out! We didn’t keep track of which team won the most, but let’s just say that it was a tough match :).

IMG_6092After we finished playing dodgeball, we headed over to the trampoline jumping pit. This was REALLY fun, and took me back to my gymnastics days. Everyone at Overdrive attempted to do a front flip into the foam-filled pit. We were all pretty successful, I must say, impressing both ourselves and our fellow Overdrivers.

After jumping into the trampoline pit for a while, we headed back to the dodgeball stadium for one last team-building exercise. The team leader had a beach ball that he asked us all to keep in the air for 17 straight taps. You might think that this sounds easy, but it actually required a lot of communication and strategy. After a few failed attempts, we started to really talk with each other, letting the team know the ball was heading their way. This was such a great exercise, and it really brought the whole team together. After many tries we finally got the ball up, and we felt so proud after!





It was a successful day at Sky Zone, and an even better day hanging out with the team. If you’re interested in visiting Sky Zone Boston, you can get information here. Trust me, whether you’re going with your work or friends, you will have an awesome time! Thanks for having us, Sky Zone!!


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