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Social Media Day 2016

Happy Social Media Day everybody!

Social Media helps us all communicate, engage, entertain, educate, and learn. Today, people all over the world are celebrating this amazing digital revolution through IRL(In real life) and/or online events, and social posts commemorating #SMDay.

Mashable launched the first Social Media Day in 2010, and social media has unceasingly been growing and evolving since. Take a look at some social media statistics, shown below, from We Are Social Singapore’s Digital in 2016 report, to see how social media usage has grown globally.

Social Media Use

Social Media Global Digital Snapshot

Social Media Annual Growth

One of the biggest trends in Social Media today is to make digital communications as close as possible to IRL experiences. It will be interesting to see how that trend will advance in the coming years.

For a brief history of the early days of social media, take a look at our blog post for Social Media Day 2015.

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