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Ten Tips for Negotiating With Media Vendors

As media planners, we must represent our client — the buyer. We must earn our keep by getting our clients the best deal possible.

In reality, we are matchmakers, trying to create success for our clients and make a sale on behalf of the media properties we believe are the right choices. In this process, we want to secure the best deal possible on the right sites for our clients while making friends with the media reps and establishing a partnership. This partnership has a common goal of creating a successful campaign and lasting relationship with the client.

Today, some tips for doing just that.

  • Forge a partnership with the media property. From the get-go, establish that while you will negotiate hard for you client, you also want to be the media property’s partner in creating a huge success story that solidifies a lasting three-way relationship between the client, your agency, and the media property. This way you’re all on the same team.
  • Get ideas from the media partner. Once you have established this partnership, tap the rep and his team for ideas and let them know you want them to get super creative. Tell them you want innovative programs to present to your client that make the plan and their property look unique. Inform them that you want ideas that either break through the clutter or have a historical precedence for success. Typically these unique ideas also come with a ton of value-added placements that make the whole thing worthwhile.

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