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Today’s fMC: What You Need to Know

Facebook’s Marketing Conference this Leap Year Day brought some clarity to the rumors swirling around brand pages and advertising, and even more changes in the world of social media.

Read on to learn what has recently changed on Facebook:

Facebook Pages

  • Timeline for Pages. Utilize a cover photo and curate your Timeline to fit your needs. Add in events, product launches and photos and videos for each relevant event.
  • Message users directly. This feature allows fans of your page to contact your brand directly on your page, which is particularly helpful for customer service activities. While fans have to initiate the conversation, this is an easy way to facilitate private conversations.
  • Friend Activity Filter. Those visiting your page can filter what they see on your brand Timeline based on how their friends have interacted with your brand.


Coca-Cola Timeline 2.29

Coca-Cola’s Updated Timeline


Premium on Facebook

  • If you invest in Premium, Facebook will show your content to the right audience in the right time, in some of the most impactful places.
  • Your content will be featured on the right-hand side of the homepage, the News Feed on desktop and mobile, and, if you want, the log-out experience, when someone logs out of Facebook.
  • This allows you to reach your fans, friends of fans, and a targeted audience, with content you publish on your brand’s Timeline.

Reach Generator

  • The Reach Generator solution makes it easier for you to reach people from posts to your brand Timeline.
  • All you have to do is post something from your page, and Facebook does the rest!
  • They guarantee you’ll reach a majority of your fans, provided some conditions. You must post once a day, use your core message in the first 90 characters, and post at an optimal time.
  • This feature is only available for qualified clients, which likely means a hefty cost or some other specific qualification is associated with it.
  • The Reach generator allows you to increase distribution but also benefit from the increase in engagement, all while being easy to use.

Facebook Insights

  • Realtime insights will be available to all users within the coming weeks. This will allow Fan Page admins to react quickly to issues on their walls. For example, if you try posting a different type of content and users end up un-liking your page, you can react immediately and figure out why the post was less than engaging with your fans, and potentially delete it.


Facebook’s goal has always been to increase engagement, allowing brands and consumers to listen to one another. These new features provide even more ways for brands to begin the conversation and for users to participate and engage.

For more information on Facebook’s most recent changes, visit  the Facebook Marketing Conference Page.

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