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Travel With a Social Twist

Traveling can bring on a lot of unwanted (and sometimes unnecessary) stress. Having to plan schedules around the airline routes, figuring out the most efficient way to travel as a group, and even taking into consideration budgets, there’s no wonder airports are so hectic. Fortunately for us, Social Flights has been created to provide a solution for each of these problems. By incorporating up-and-coming social technology, Social Flights can offer lower fares, less stress and less hassle to anyone planning their next trip.

Hoping to provide every passenger a comfortable experience while remaining within budget, Social Flights offers a unique feature that allows users to search through aircraft that would otherwise fly empty. These private flights can be booked at a lower cost, while also working in conjunction with an individual’s own schedule. Communicating with the aircraft operator and Social Fliers, when someone finds a route that matches their availability, they can then book the empty spot immediately.

Additionally, Social Flights has developed what they call “Travel Tribes”, or groups of people with similar interests. Users can establish their interests so they can book a private flight with like-minded individuals – hopefully making the trip more enjoyable for all passengers. Incorporating the opportunity for group-buying options, passengers can actually cut back on costs of their private traveling experience if they book with a group of people. Ultimately, this offers lower fare to all, and offers familiar faces during the trip.

Arguably the most attractive of its features, Social Flights provides On Demand flights to passengers. Instead of having to change their schedules around to coordinate with aircraft routes, passengers can now request their own flight at their convenience. Once one user requests an On Demand flight and shares it with friends that will split the cost, the individual price goes down and the flight is scheduled at the convenience of the entire group.

Adding a social component to travel absolutely has its perks. With the ability to book flights at the convenience of the passengers, offer a lower fare per person and a more comfortable trip, how can one go wrong? Offering less stress and hassle while remaining within budget, there is no wonder how a service like Social Flights will benefit from the power of social media. Until more users join this travel community, we only have one question to ask: What Travel Tribe do you belong to?

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