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Twitter a "Missed Opportunity" for Fortune 100 Companies

An interesting report from Weber Shandwick indicates that many Fortune 100 companies are still not taking full advantage of Twitter’s popularity to connect with consumers, despite Twitter large user base.

The report points out that 50 million people worldwide currently use Twitter. Out of the 540 Fortune 100 Twitter accounts analyzed (owned by a total of 73 companies), 76% do not update often and 52% do not actively engage in the popular microblogging site. Why aren’t companies using Twitter to its full potential if millions use Twitter?

Those companies that had active Twitter accounts were not making Tweets interesting enough to engage consumers; only about one-third of the accounts had a personality, which included the name and picture of whoever posted the Tweets.

The report also looked at the number of Tweets a company posted to its account. Seventy-six percent of the accounts had between 0 and 500 Tweets. Only a tiny percentage of blogs analyzed (1%) had 10,000+ posts. Weber Shandwick noted that companies are more likely to engage consumers the higher the amount of Tweets of value the company posts.

Read Weber Shandwick’s full report, “Do Fortune 100 Companies Need a ‘Twitter-Vention?”.

Source: cnet News; November 17, 2009

Source: Weber Shandwick

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