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You Can Become a Social Media Millionaire

Think there are no tangible benefits to being an ‘expert’ at being social? Think again. With Empire Avenue you can rake in virtual cash just from being active in your online community.

Empire Avenue the social media game logo

Empire Avenue is a social game.  Using the currency “Eaves,” each user is given a set value of which other users can purchase a share of.  Your value as a user will increase as others purchase a share of you, or when you perform social behaviors on other social media sites. You are already on Twitter, talking to friends on Facebook, uploading videos or photos, and writing blog posts. Therefore, just by performing these everyday actions, you can earn Eaves. Additionally, by unlocking features on Empire Avenue, as a user, you can also increases your net worth.  The greater the net worth, the greater your buying power to purchase virtual goods.  Ultimately, the goal of this game is to become the richest player.  Playing Empire Avenue makes building new connections, learning about different people, and learning about social networking and the value of your network a competitive game.

Some may see Empire Avenue as a threat to Klout, a site that measures your online influence.  However, Klout only uses Facebook and Twitter data to evaluate your online presence. While Empire Avenue aggregates data and evaluates you based on multiple social networks, Klout also lacks the interactive gaming aspect that Empire Avenue is based on.

Millions already engage with social media sites without a ‘gaming’ type of incentive. Subsequently, do we really need to turn our Facebook activities and tweeting into a competition?  Empire Avenue claims to be a ‘highly addictive experience that is similar to stock market gaming of your own social network.’  Therefore, if you think you’re skilled at socializing and want to try your luck at becoming a virtual millionaire.. or billionaire, sign up today – it’s free!

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