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Younger Women Adapt to Social Media Easier than Older Women

A report entitled “Why Y Women?” by PopSugar and Radar Research indicates that Generation Y women are more likely to turn to their peers for brand information and product reviews, rather than experts and celebrities, unlike Generation X women.

Forty-two-percent of Gen Y women discover brands and products through social networking and status update websites, compared to only 22% of Gen X women. Additionally, Gen Y women are more influenced by blogs written by professionals as well as people they can relate to. On the other end of the spectrum, Gen X women (66%) are most likely to hear about product and brand information through an online newspaper or magazine.

Furthermore, the report says that 69% of Gen Y women call friends or tell them in-person about new products and brands; however, it is interesting to note that they are more likely to use social media resources to spread information about new findings than Gen X. For example, 28% of Gen Y will use a social networking site to share information about brands and products they like, versus 15% of Gen X.

Source: eMarketer; November 11, 2009

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