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YouTube: Fit for a Queen

One of Overdrive’s clients markets heavily to people who live in the US, but have close ties to family and friends who live in other countries. In doing research for this client, the media team came across an article on a Middle Eastern news site about Queen Rania of Jordan and the YouTube channel she launched last month to address misconceptions of woman in the Arab World and encourage viewers from around the world to share their opinions and acknowledge stereotypes they have heard of this culture. The always hip and media savvy Queen Rania has found a way to tap into social media to create a cross-cultural dialogue.

In the palace statement, Rania was quoted as saying she wanted young people everywhere “to see the personal side of my region, to know the places and faces and rituals and culture that shape the part of the world I call home.”

I applaud Queen Rania for using social media to encourage discussion about stereotypes and break down common held misconceptions about the Arab World. This is a great example of how social media can be used as a form of communication, and act as a bridge to link people and communities together, around the world. The conversation will go until August 12, which is International Youth Day.

To view Queen Rania’s You Tube channel click here

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