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A DMP, or data management platform, is a software tool that consolidates data from different channels into a central location. Having all this data in one place allows marketers to construct targeted audience segments using criteria from a wide variety of sources, such as customer information, household income, demographics, browsing behavior, location, purchasing information, device, etc.

A DMP also helps different sales and marketing teams work together even when they are targeting customers through different channels (social, email, direct mail, etc.). Drawing on the same set of centralized data ensures that communications deployed to your company’s end consumers via different channels do not become fragmented or follow different marketing strategies based on different sets of data.

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What does a data management platform do?

A Data Management Platform (DMP) is a platform with the goal of collecting and organizing audience data from various sources, including online, offline, mobile, etc.

How does a data management platform work?

A Data Management Platform (DMP) is primarily used for advertising to collect and analyze data from a wide range of sources.

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