Social Media Competitive Research


Before you invest time and resources in a social media campaign, it is important to conduct thorough, up-front research to protect your ROI. Part of this research should be a competitive research investigation to get a peek at your competitors’ marketing efforts. Your competitors probably aren’t marketing geniuses, but you can undoubtedly learn a lot from how they target existing and potential customers.

A few key questions/components of a competitive research study are:

    • Who are your competitors?
    • What products do they offer?
    • What are their social media tactics and results?
    • How do they market their company’s products?
    • What kinds of content do they post, and how do they engage with users on the various platforms? 
    • What is their social media content strategy?
    • What level of customer engagement do they have, and how do they in-turn engage with customers?
    • Where do they spend their dollars, and how do they retarget post engagement?
    • How do they combine paid/sponsored and organic posts when promoting their content? 
    • What is their strategy for social media? Do they have go-to platforms?
    • What are their strengths, weaknesses, opportunities, and threats? Do a SWOT Analysis.

If you need help with a competitive analysis, Overdrive is ready to walk you and your team through all the key elements to ensure you’re primed and ready to make the most of every last dollar spent, to outperform your competition. Let’s talk.


How do you do a social media competitive analysis?

The first step in a social media competitive analysis is to identify your priority keywords. After that, do some search to discover which brands are appearing on social media for those keywords.

What is the main goal of conducting a social media competitive analysis?

The primary goal of social media competitive analysis is to ensure that your organization isn’t copying what other brands are doing on social media, ensuring that you stick out.

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