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Customers today demand new, fresh website content on a regular basis — a project that can quickly become overwhelming. To keep up with the demand, you might want to enlist a content manager/administrator. 

A website content administrator does just what the job title suggests: they oversee the content on your website. Often, they manage and assign tasks and projects to a team of dedicated content producers. They also typically monitor website traffic metrics and rankings on search engines. Additionally, they often work closely with SEO Ops to make sure that website content meets SEO specifications.

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What does a web content administrator do?

Simply put, web content admins are in charge of providing a website with high quality, relevant, and original content.

What is a web content manager?

A web content manager oversees all content implemented into a website. Typically, they manage a team of content writers and assign various tasks to their teams.

How can I be a good content manager?

Effective content managers have a strong grasp on SEO (Search Engine Optimization), as well as the English language in general.

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