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10 Reasons Why Facebook is Taking Over the World – Reason 1

This is the last blog post is part of a ten part series.  Look back in our blog for each of the 10 reasons why Facebook is taking over the world. Or, download the full printable infographic on the Overdrive Interactive Facebook page.

top ten reasons why Facebook is taking over the world

1. Comscore’s 2010 US Digital Year in Review – Facebook accounts for 12.3% of time spent online:

Internet use has evolved into part of our daily routine, whether it be work-related or for personal enjoyment. The same can be said for social media and how we have grown attached to its modern way of delivering us a constant, immediate news stream whenever we seek it. At this point, we barely think before we type because of its second nature, so just how much time are we actually spending with social media?

Earlier this year, comScore released its report detailing the 2010 Digital Year in Review. The findings on social media usage give a true testament to how individuals and their lifestyles are evolving with social media over time. According to the report, 9 out of 10 US Internet users visited a social media site within a month. More specifically, 1 out of every 8 minutes spent on the Internet by US users was spent on Facebook.

This powerful statistic summarizes all previous call-outs to the specific innovations and uses of Facebook. With all that Facebook has to offer, it’s not only drawing in users, but keeping them on the site for significant periods of time. By August 2010, the site beat out Google and Yahoo! Sites for percentage of time spent on the internet. Whether it involves chatting with a friend, catching up on news, or posting a new video to share, Facebook users have the ability to interact with over 900 million objects on the site, which can account for the collective 700 billion minutes per month people spend on Facebook.

By looking at the numbers it’s easy to see that Facebook isn’t just another Internet fad people will forget about in a year or two. Facebook has united a significant percentage of the world’s population through its innovative pages, messages, mobile features, news feeds, and profiles to make users feel unique and in the social loop among 500 million other people. It’s all about feeling connected. Are you?

That wraps our our top ten reasons for why Facebook is taking over the world!  Download the full poster by ‘Liking’ us on Facebook and tune in on Tuesday for our new whitepaper on Social Search.

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