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5 Best Mannequin Challenge Videos

If you’ve scrolled through Facebook in the last month, you’ve probably seen at least one video of people posed, stock-still, as a camera moves around the space. The videos are short, about a minute long. They’re all part of the Mannequin Challenge.

So how did this trend take off?

  • Simplicity: Anyone can do it
  • Cost: The videos are free – all you need is a space, some willing participants, and the ability to stand still as the camera pans over you
  • Length: The videos fit the best-practice video content rule of thumb – 60 seconds or less

The Mannequin Challenge is the latest in a long line of user generated viral videos, from the Ice Bucket challenge (which included a charity element) to the Running Man Challenge. In honor of this trend’s success, we’ve compiled the 5 best Mannequin Challenges we’ve seen working their way around the Internet.

5. The USWNT gets points for all the water bottles – bold move, ladies.


4. SNL makes good use of their star power and includes a prop that makes you look twice.


3. The New England Patriots take us through several scenes, from tailgates to the radio announcers.


2. The Cleveland Cavaliers are in a close second place with the cameo by Michelle Obama…

1. …but the obvious winner is whoever trained this dog to sit still with a Dorito in his mouth.



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