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Amazon SEO FAQs

Amazon Platform Management

Overdrives Amazon Platform Management strategies include product feeds, paid media (Amazon PPC), and earned media (Amazon SEO). The main tasks for Amazon marketing services are to implement strategies for listing content, product keyword optimization, images, and videos.

As an Amazon SEO Agency, we get asked a lot of questions regarding Amazon account SEO strategies, SEO best practices for optimizing product listings and product feeds on Amazon. Overdrive and our Amazon SEO experts have all of the necessary tools in place: keyword optimization, keyword research, competitor analysis, reporting, which you would expect from an Amazon SEO company.

Amazon looks at the keywords in the shopper‘s search query. If your product listing doesn‘t have every keyword in the search query, it probably won‘t appear in the search results, which is why keyword optimization is a big piece of Amazon SEO.

To find the words people are searching for when they want to buy your product, our Amazon SEO specialists use an Amazon tool called Merchant Words, JungleScout, or Helium 10 . These tools will tell you what people are searching for on Amazon when they want to buy your product or your competitor’s product. This can be especially helpful if you have a brand-new listing and don’t have any product data to lean on. You can learn from your competitor’s rankings.

If you want your products to rank well with Amazon SEO, you need to make sure your product listings are optimized for Amazon’s A9 search engine. Finding new ways to improve your listing placement in Amazon product marketing is the number one priority for the Overdrive Amazon SEO services team and your eCommerce store as an Amazon seller.

A recent survey reveals that about 31% of consumers found an item and bought it on the 1st page of Google. That said, your organic rank is not directly affecting your sales as much as you might expect – especially now that Amazon has expanded its surfacing algorithm to include paid ads. With that being the case, what’s important is to include keywords – as well as synonyms and long-tail variants – in your product listing title, main image description, bullet point list descriptions, etc., which will make it much easier for search engines to find shoppers’ queries when they type them into a search engine or click “images” at the top right corner of a product listing page.

The Amazon Best Seller rank is calculated based on the sales of a product and unpriced items, as well as those products with unpaid orders. This ranking is used by Amazon to order search results and classify which offers are most popular. The equation for calculating this rank depends on the category: For books, it’s total sales over total units (sales/rank), and for other categories, it’s total sales over avg. unit priced ($/rank). It doesn’t matter if they’re natural sellers or qualified sellers, they all work together to make up the calculation – even free sellers who don’t charge shipping because you still see their listings appear in your search results.

How to Stand Out From Your Competitors on Amazon with SEO

Amazon Search Engine Optimization (SEO)

Is there SEO for Amazon?
Yes, there is SEO for Amazon and your Amazon store.

What is Amazon SEO?
Amazon SEO is the process of optimizing your Amazon product listing to rank higher in Amazon search results. But more importantly, get ready for the new era of SEO – seller-oriented search engine optimization! You are competing against other sellers who are looking to sell on Amazon.

Does SEO work on Amazon?
Yes, SEO works on Amazon.

How important is SEO for your Amazon business?
SEO is very important on Amazon. Like Google, Amazon has a search engine algorithm that determines how products are ranked, and this is called Amazon SEO. One of the best ways to set yourself apart is by mastering Amazon SEO. In order for your store to rank high on search listings, you must have a plan for achieving a high organic ranking as well as some paid advertising ranking. Some of the most important aspects of ranking on Amazon SEO include optimizing titles and bullet points to entice clicks from web crawlers, modifying images with keywords in their filenames and alt tags, having links back to your pages from trustworthy sites, and making sure people can find you throughout social media platforms like Facebook and Twitter. Another good idea we highly recommend is using Jungle Scout ranking checker or Helium  10 periodically

Why is Amazon marketplace SEO important?
Amazon SEO is important because it helps you rank higher in Amazon search results, improving sales. Like Google, Amazon has a search engine algorithm that determines how products are ranked, and this is called Amazon SEO. One of the best ways to set yourself apart is by mastering Amazon SEO. In order for your store to rank high on search listings, you must have a plan for achieving a high organic ranking as well as some paid advertising ranking. Some of the most important aspects of ranking on Amazon SEO include optimizing titles and bullet points to entice clicks from web crawlers, modifying images with keywords in their filenames and alt tags, having links back to your pages from trustworthy sites, and making sure people can find you throughout social media platforms like Facebook and Twitter. Another good idea we highly recommend is using an Alexa ranking checker periodically

What does it mean to rank on Amazon?
Ranking on Amazon is a way to measure how well a product is selling. Conduct keyword research. If you’ve used SEO previously, you probably know about finding keywords using Google Adwords Keyword Tool and the Amazon Best Sellers Rank. An advantage to advertising on Amazon is that they already have a large amount of user data. You can find what people are looking for in categories or through searches, then use that information to create your listing with specific keywords and answers to common questions. A listing might include a description of an item, the shipping price, the shipping speed available for purchase, and answers to some FAQs about an item customer may have had when browsing or searching your product category or region on Amazon’s website. By making sure your keyword choice is something key customers would be searching for when

Why is Amazon Listing Optimization Important?
Amazon Listing Optimization is important because it helps you to rank higher in Amazon search results.

Amazon’s Search Engine

What is Amazon’s search engine?
Amazon’s search engine is called “A9”. A high Amazon sales rank is your goal for any product but there are some other factors that go into determining whether or not it’ll be achievable for any given product at a given point in time which may include keyword popularity, reviews, competition level, products being released by competitors around the same time as yours. The weight or “popularity” of a keyword on Amazon.com is indexed based on the sales made by the listing for that keyword. Sellers rank their keywords so consumers know who they are looking at first, second, third, etc. A high-ranking seller will have less competition to fulfill customer orders and therefore will slow the bloat with increased stock presence across all top search results pages on Amazon.

Does Amazon still use A9?
Yes, Amazon still uses A9.

What is the Amazon algorithm?
The Amazon algorithm is a proprietary algorithm that determines which products are shown to which customers. Amazon’s A9 algorithm is a fine-tuned and advanced system that Amazon uses to decide how products are ranked. It ranks each product by their metrics of your predicted interest and it does this through the use of keyword analysis, big data, machine learning, and most importantly shoppers’ ratings. Basically, A9 algorithm aggregates any kind of statistic data (e.g., time spent on the website; the number of customers and sales; most popular searches; most popular sellers) that matters to you as a shopper. These scalars then serve as benchmarks for ranking items in order from best to worst fit with these metrics thereby giving you the appropriate product for your needs at hand and also saving you time.

How do Amazon searches work?
Amazon searches work by matching keywords in the search to the keywords in the product.
keyword is popular based on search volume
keyword is relevant to the product and search
If you want to rank for an Amazon keyword, put it in your listing
Product Title
Bullet points
Product description
Backend keywords

How often do Amazon rankings update?
Rankings update every hour.

Does Amazon SEO also work with Google SEO?
Yes, Amazon SEO works with Google SEO. Amazon listing optimization is the process of upgrading product pages to improve ranking, conversion rates, and reviews. Amazon has a prominent algorithm that ranks products from best to worst. This means products with features such as competitive pricing, at least four stars in customer reviews, quick delivery options, and bargain-priced shipping will rank higher than those without these features. In light of this fact, it’s important for sellers not only to make eCommerce as simple as possible but also take advantage of all available resources for getting their products completed with their desired characteristics. Taking care of this one part now could lead them to a much better future!

Does Google crawl Amazon?
Yes, Google crawls Amazon.

How many keywords does Amazon allow?
Amazon allows up to 100 keywords.

Amazon Findability, Visibility, and Ranking

How do I improve my Amazon SEO ranking?
You can improve your Amazon SEO ranking by optimizing your product listing. Utilizing the long-tail keywords in organic search engine terms, create backlinks to your Amazon page by inserting links on other indexed websites. Incorporate keywords in the possible pages where you put your link. Overdrive Marketing is an expert at helping businesses increase their Google rank with well-optimized campaigns that target company strengths and use SEO best practices to position them competitively. We can help you get found! Fill out our contact form today for more information about how we provide cost-effective services that lead to big ROI.

How do I increase my Amazon visibility?
You can increase your Amazon visibility by optimizing your product listing.

How do I increase sales on Amazon?
You can increase sales on Amazon by optimizing your product listing.

Amazon Product Listing Optimization

How do I make a good listing on Amazon?
You need to have a good product description, a good title, and good pictures.

What is required for an Amazon listing?
You need a product, a price, and a photo.

How do I make my Amazon listing attractive?
You should include a clear, high-quality image of the product. You should also include a clear description of the product.

How do I optimize a listing on Amazon?
You should optimize your Amazon listing by making sure that your product is clear, concise, and relevant to the search term that the customer used. You can optimize your listing by making sure your product title is relevant to your product, your description is detailed and contains all the relevant information, and your images are high quality and appealing.

What is the Amazon listing tool?
Amazon Listing Tool is a tool that helps sellers create and manage listings on Amazon.

What makes a good Amazon title?
A good Amazon title should be short, descriptive, and contain keywords.

How long is Amazon’s title and what are the FBA product title requirements?
“Titles must not exceed 200 characters, including spaces.
Titles must not contain promotional phrases, such as “free shipping”, “100% quality guaranteed”.
Titles must not contain characters for decoration, such as ~ ! * $ ? _ ~ { } # < > | * ; ^ ¬ ¦
Titles must contain product-identifying information, such as “hiking boots” or “umbrella”.”

What is Amazon copywriting?
Amazon copywriting is the art of writing product descriptions that sell.

Amazon Product Images

Does Amazon provide product photography?
Yes, Amazon provides product photography.

How many product images does Amazon allow?
Amazon recommends 6 product photos

Amazon Product Videos

Does Amazon have product videos?
Yes, Amazon has product videos.

Can you use Amazon product videos on youtube?
Yes, you can use Amazon product videos on youtube.

How do I make a video for Amazon products?
You can make a video for Amazon products by using the Amazon Video Direct program.

How long can Amazon video reviews be?
Amazon video reviews should be less than 5 minutes long and ideally under 1 minute.

Amazon Store Optimization Services

What does an SEO agency do?

Overdrive Amazon SEO services allow you to maximize your online product listing so it shows up high in the natural Amazon search results, which makes it more likely that a consumer will find your item and make a purchase from you.

When it comes to using keywords to market your products with Amazon SEO services, Overdrive will do the competitive research and write content, optimize images and provide backend keywords for the A9 engine. Amazon continues to iterate on their backend, but the top case is keywords. It’s important to focus your keywords on the most important words or phrases for your product so shoppers can find you easily. One way many stores have found success with Amazon’s backend is by adjusting the keyword list based on what they think customers are searching for before updating their product listing every 7-14 days. This will help them rank higher in searches without having to increase their budget or promote specific products more heavily than others. All you have to do to manage how often potential buyers see your items is just adjust the frequency at which you update each item in Seller Central, and then populate segments manually (segmenting helps you target specific customer groups.  All Amazon sellers have some degree of access to these backend keywords, which are imperative for optimizing your product page; however, all sellers do not enjoy the same level of knowledge about their existence. The reason for this is that backend keywords are hidden in what’s displayed on Amazon’s website. They exist within a complex database of terms initiated by an algorithm and represent phrases people might type when they’re looking for something like one of your products specifically. It can be said that back-end keywords are exceedingly important to get the word out about the item you’re trying to sell- they help your target audience find your merchandise even if it doesn’t necessarily share its name with 100 other items on the marketplace.

The Amazon A10 algorithm helps to find an item’s rank in product search results. That way, the customers will see the products that are more relevant to what they’re looking for and spend less time scrolling through pages of items. As ASINs become associated with large numbers of keywords and descriptions, it becomes increasingly challenging for customers to know which listings on page 1 or 2 are best suited to their intent. The algorithm also helps identify suspicious activity by detecting patterns such as purchasing behaviors from a single user who repeatedly clicks purchase orders from the same seller without selecting from other sellers’ offerings regardless of price differences. For instance, if a customer always buys electronics chargers regardless of different prices listed by different sellers, this is considered anomalous.

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