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An Interview With a Cost-Per-Lead Expert

Performance media buying is one way to minimize risk associated with media dollars in these strange economic times. I’ve written plenty on this topic, so this time I decided to get the scoop from an expert in the space: Jonah Mytro, director of Mediaspike, based in Brookline, Massachusetts.

Harry Gold: Please tell me about yourself and your company — basically, what do you do and whom do you do it for?

Jonah Mytro: We are an online marketing and business development firm focusing on the development, launch, and management of Web sites in a variety of different industries including online education, debt settlement and consolidation, travel, scholarships, and parking. We own and operate each of our Web sites and generate leads and inquiries for our clients on a performance model. Clients only pay per qualified lead or inquiry and are very ROI [return-on-investment] focused.

HG: So you’re not an agency then?

JM: Mediaspike is not the traditional agency where we buy media on the client’s behalf. Our goal is to deliver qualified leads and inquiries to our clients who pay us on a cost-per-lead basis. From the client perspective, they are reducing their risk and only paying for a qualified lead, which they can monetize. We are focused in certain areas so we can go very deep into certain verticals and develop mature lead channels.

HG: So basically you sell media to certain industries on a cost-per-lead basis?

JM: Correct. So my expertise is in both the buy side and sell side of performance or cost-per-lead media.

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