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An Overdrive Surprise

Ask anyone who’s part of the Overdrive team and they will tell you that we know how to have a good time. Whether it’s the Summer Outing, Holiday Party, monthly Last Friday Party or one of our many company pot-lucks it’s clear that we know how to mix work with a healthy dose of play.

However, most recently a curve ball was thrown at all of us. What do I mean?

Well, it all started with an announcement around an all-hands company meeting. Everyone was told that they were to clear their schedule on the afternoon of Friday, April 20th from 1:30 – 5pm, as attendance was mandatory. The meeting request went out a week in advance so not only did everyone have ample time to reschedule any commitments, it also provided everyone ample time to wonder what was awaiting them. Of course there was an agenda which read as follows:

– Discuss social initiatives
– Group think tank/brainstorm

We will be conducting a workshop and series of exercises aimed at facilitating cross-departmental communication and collaboration. All you need to do is come with an open mindset and be ready to have some fun.

While this did help to provide a framework for what awaited, many people were still wondering what all was going to happen. Needless to say, throughout the week anticipation was mounting, as those responsible for scheduling the meeting were uncharacteristically tight-lipped when it came to offering any further details.

Friday, April 20th – 1:30pm

The moment for the meeting had finally arrived. Soon all of the Overdrivers filed into Google (our main conference room) and the stage was set.

The meeting began with a short intro about the importance of teamwork and collaboration during which the theme of the meeting was introduced, which read as follows:

– Good Times.
– Good People.
– Great Team.

This was actually a very subtle hint at what was to come, as this is actually ¾ of the inscription on the Overdrive Fenway Brick which can be located in the Jim Rice section near Gate C at Fenway Park.

This was then followed up by showing the team images of three local “establishments” that Overdrive had previously held events at. Again, there was a subtle hint buried in what was shown as one of the three featured establishments was Harry’s Bar and Grill, site of the “Epic” Bill Holmes Going Away Party in April 2010.

By this juncture many Overdrivers were likely scratching their heads, but hey, they had to be there and this did seem to be leading to something.

Next everyone was asked “Why is today (April 20th) special?”. This brought forth a myriad of replies, but it was Shaun Campos who provided the answer that was being a sought…it was the 100th Anniversary of Fenway Park!

This of course got people’s mind’s going and you could feel the excitement building in the room. While going to the actual game would have been great, when asked what would be the next best thing, everyone was quick to answer, virtually in unison, “Watching It!”

With the cat out of the bag, everyone was provided with the following set of “mandatory” instructions:

Overdrive Interactive Fenway Park Suprise Instructions

Were people surprised? You bet! Were they completely psyched to be heading out for the afternoon to watch the Fenway Park 100th Anniversary Festivities? No doubt! Did anyone decide to return to their desks and continue working? No way!

Needless to say, it was a great and very memorable afternoon. I have to say that most everyone felt that the “meeting” was a great success in terms of discussing “social initiatives” and as far as facilitating a great “brainstorm” and “cross-departmental collaboration”, the venue change to Harry’s Bar and Grill definitively accomplished that objective.

Most importantly this event was about celebrating Overdrive and the great team that makes us who we are. Yes, we have lots of good times, but that’s because we have a lot of really good people who in the end make for a Great Team.

Thank You!

Overdrive Fenway Park 100th Anniversary Brick

This is an exact replica of the actual brick that you can find at Fenway Park near Gate C in the Jim Rice section

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