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Born to Have Good Search Rankings

When my older sister announced that she was pregnant with twins last year, as her younger sister I was thrilled to be a first time aunt. As an online media professional, I was thrilled to (jokingly) offer her advice on how to optimize the babies’ names. From what my sister has told me, competition among expectant parents for baby names is just as fierce as getting accepted into a nursery school in Manhattan. Remember that Seinfeld episode where Susan’s cousin took George’s favorite baby name, Seven? Well here are some ways to beat out the competition by using search engine optimization techniques to enhance the ranking of your baby’s name. These tips were taken from a MediaPost article written by David Berkowitz entitled Baby Name Optimization.

1) Write a press release the day your baby’s born with the baby’s name in the headline, and optimize the entire release. As soon as the little one takes its first breath, he or she can even appear in the body of Google’s natural search results thanks to universal search.

2) Buy all potential domain name misspellings of your baby’s name. If you’re blessed with ample foresight or come from an ages-old tradition of arranged marriages, buy versions of the last name of any potential suitor you have in mind. Redirect the names to your baby’s main dot-com domain.

3) Film the birth and syndicate it to dozens of video sites. One of those sites will have to be around by the time of your kid’s communion or bar mitzvah, right? On your primary domain, optimize the video by tagging every second of it so those clips are accessible to search engine spiders.

4) Blog as if you’re the baby. Then, when your kid is old enough to blog, you can hand it over to your child, or you can go on blogging as if you’re his or her therapist.

5) Tag your baby.

Don’t forget that you can use these search engine optimization tips for your business as well. It doesn’t matter if your business has been established for a long time or is just getting underway, these tips and tricks will help build your company’s brand for years to come.

To read the rest of Mr. Berkowitz’s tips and the full article please click here

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