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Breaking Down Super Bowl LVII’s Commercial Wins and Whiffs

Every year, audiences look forward to the Super Bowl for the big game, halftime show, and the new and exciting batch of commercials. Including the good, the bad, and the “what did I just watch,” we’re breaking down Super Bowl LVII’s commercial wins and whiffs.

Super Bowl LVII’s Commerical Wins 

Celebrity cameos and pop culture references are commonplace for Super Bowl ads. However, relying solely on Hollywood talent and pop culture callbacks does not ensure Super Bowl success. Instead, some of the best-performing commercials from Super Bowl LVII use emotional storytelling or wit while keeping sight of brand identity.

For instance, The Farmer’s Dog tugs at viewers’ heartstrings as the ad follows the growth of a dog and its owner over the years. Celebrating companionship resonates well with audiences and accurately showcases the nutritious food and long, happy lives that The Farmer’s Dog can provide.

Also gaining praise is Dunkin Donut’s witty ad featuring A-List celebrity Ben Affleck as a drive-thru worker. Dunkin strategically recruits Affleck as its brand spokesperson based on his well-known affinity for Dunkin’s coffee and includes plenty of Boston-based humor. In this way, the Massachusetts-based company holds true to its brand.


The streaming service Tubi gave viewers a jolt of worry and generated substantial social buzz. Beginning with footage of the Super Bowl announcers Kevin Burkhardt and Greg Olsen recapping after a commercial break, they’re suddenly interrupted as the screen switches to Tubi’s interface. Nevertheless, many are tipping their hats off to the clever and memorable ad that left viewers scrambling for the remote.

Super Bowl LVII’s Commerical Whiffs

Among the marketing triumphs, several commercials missed the mark based on unclear or tone-deaf messaging.

For example, PopCorners riffs on the award-winning show Breaking Bad to promote the healthier snack option. However, many viewers felt that the ad relied too heavily on nostalgia and failed to connect the snack to the prestigious show effectively.

Elsewhere, the He Gets Us campaign, seeking to increase the relevance of Jesus Christ in modern society, sparked adverse reactions and political upset among the left and the right. While the evangelical campaign site holds that it is not a political organization, some right-winged supporters believe their Super Bowl ads “pander to liberals.” In comparison, left-winged supporters expressed their issues with the campaign’s conservative backers.

Gaining mixed reviews is the Netflix and General Motors team-up. These two brands call on comedic actor Will Ferrel to promote the use of more EVs in Netflix shows and movies by remaking scenes from popular shows on the streaming platform. While the ad stirs up laughter for some, others felt it was random and more garish than impactful.

Overdrive’s Best and Worst Super Bowl Ads

We also rated our favorite and least favorite Super Bowl commercials at Overdrive. Like many other viewers, our top two Super Bowl commercial wins were Tubi and Dunkin Donuts ads.

As for our Super Bowl commercial whiffs, we voted for ads by He Gets Us, M&M’s, and Hellmann’s. 

Final Thoughts 

Whether audiences loved or loathed certain ads, many found the overall crop of commercials during Super Bowl LVII safe and underwhelming. This can be partly due to cuts to marketing budgets that left advertisers with limited resources and a sparse creative arsenal.

Additionally, uncertainty surrounding the national mood post-pandemic and reckoning with a shifting economy might have impacted advertisers to air on the side of caution. Nonetheless, the reception of these Super Bowl LVII commercial wins and whiffs informs marketers how to enhance or adjust their strategies for improved results.

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