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Could You Have a Facebook Addiction?

With social media transforming the world we live in, there is no denying it is changing the way we communicate, interact, and even do business. But, how much is too much? Certain scenarios could  be feeding that monkey on your back.

Facebook is a winner. Just ask the billionaire who created it. It’s easy, it’s fun and all your friends are there. There are game apps, sentimental apps, quiz apps and much more to keep you entertained and occupied. But, how do you know when fun and convenience have crossed over the line to all out addiction? Below are 10 indications that Facebook is beginning to take control of your life.

  1. When you converse across the room with your spouse via Facebook. This would be an indication that the addiction has taken over the entire household and not just one individual. Time to check and see if you both still recognize each other’s voices.
  2. All your friends know what you’re having for dinner (every night). You have spaghetti every Thursday; Monday is pizza night; Tuesday is new recipe night. If your friends know your weekly menu plan and they’ve never been to your house for dinner…probably an indication.

Are any of these starting to sound familiar? This article “10 Ways to Tell You Are Addicted to Facebook” was published by a guest blogger, and can be read in its original form here.

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