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Covid’s Effect on Digital Consumption

COVID-19 has brought on an array of different challenges. Like almost every other industry, digital marketing has been turned on its head. The pandemic has changed not only the way we communicate with the public through our messaging but the way that we can reach them as well. As people’s habits adjust to suit to the current situation so does their media consumption. Media companies are doing their best to adapt to this new environment to both accommodate the needs of the public, as well as share information and data regarding the habits of their users.


Companies and Platforms Leading the Charge

One of the anticipated leaders in the distribution of information has been Google. A key action that they’ve taken is to create a Coronavirus specific trends site. It features all the pandemic related searches across the world. The website is updated daily and can provide information that can be drilled down to a specific city.


Another industry leader, Facebook, recognized the increased user engagement and specifically the interest in live videos. To accommodate this new trend, they pulled back on upcoming projects to instead facilitate a way for more people to interact with livestreams. The first initiative they launched is called Public Switch Telephone Network. It enables people to access live streams through a toll-free number. The second addition they’ve made is an audio-only option, for those who only want to listen to what is being broadcasted. Both options are accessible to anyone regardless of whether they have a Facebook account.


Changes in Content Consumption

With everyone spending their time indoors it’s no surprise that there has been a sharp rise in the number of people watching content. Across the board, viewership for YouTube, traditional TV, and connected TV is up by about 20%. In previous crises, such as hurricanes and blizzards, views have gone up as much as 60% percent. For advertisers looking for more efficient ways to reach their consumers, buying for either CTV or YouTube is a great option.

Now Is the Time to Keep a Close Eye on Trends

While these national trends are helpful, it’s important to keep in mind that the user behavior for each vertical will be unique. During this unprecedented time understanding your users, their habits and preferences are more important than ever. Keep an eye on search term reports to ensure that the right people are clicking on your ads, and further your understanding of what people are looking for. Overall, stay up to date on current digital trends and updates to make sure you have all the necessary information in these uncertain times.

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