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Facebook Fan Pages Get an Upgrade

We all knew this was coming, and today is that day. Facebook Fan Page administrators are being given the option to switch to a new, upgraded page. As early as this afternoon, many Fan Pages will find the note at the top of the page to switch the view.

At first sight, Page administrators will be given the option to either “Preview” or “Upgrade”:

Upon choosing to “Preview”, Facebook walks the user through a tour of the new Profile view. The tour begins with the photos showcased at the top of the profile:

Following, the next step walks through the navigation bars now featured on the left side of the profile:

The third step in the tour highlights new wall options, allowing Page admins to show “Top Posts”:

The next step gives an overview of the new features provided with the new Page rollout, such as notifications of interactions, the ability to “Like” other Pages and feature them on your own Page, and make comments on other Pages as your own Page:

The final step goes over new settings as the Page, allowing admins to set defaults for email notifications and how admins can post to other Pages – as themselves or the Page:

If an admin chooses to “Upgrade”, the new view of Facebook Fan Pages will look like the following:

As for right now, Pages still have the option to switch to the new view of Fan Pages, but it seems only for a limited amount of time. According to Facebook, this change was made to provide a better ability to communicate with users, and for businesses to express themselves (i.e. photos). As far as we can tell, this is only the beginning of new features and enhancements down the road.

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