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Twitter, Reddit and blogging are all wildly popular aspects of social media. What would happen if a hybrid of the three media was created? It has officially been done and it is called opens to the public today, while it has similarities to other social networks the CEO, Bill Gross, says that it is a completely new form of social media, an “interest media.” allows for its users to decide what they want to see and from whom.

This social channel offers a news feed, a profile page, and a way to follow other users opposed to a status update, users will share with their network by publishing “chimes.” A “chime” is an elongated version of the status update, allowing users to write up to 4,000 characters, while facebook only allows 420 characters.

The chime will include a headline, the first few lines of the chime, a piece of multimedia, a profile picture, and interest tags. There will also be options for liking, commenting and sharing the chime. is targeted for Facebook, Twitter, and Google + users to indicate what they’re interested in. It offers a feature for instant polls of the users’ followers.

Can you imagine getting paid for the exceptional amount of time you spend on social networks? will make this possible. If a user builds a large audience base they will have the option of carrying sponsorships or advertisements. Users can include 100% of their own ads and keep all of the revenue, or they can let UberMedia, the company behind, sell ads for their page and split the profits 50/50.

UberMedia has established deals with E! Online, Disney, Bravo, and other publishers who will promote while keeping control of the revenue they generate from it.

Approximately 800 million people use Facebook without getting paid for their posts. Will be able to measure up to social media giants by offering payment for posting? Bill Gross believes that the incentive of getting paid for posts will improve the quality of content that people choose to share on the site.

Individuals can tag the content within their chimes that allows them to subscribe to related topics. For example, if a user were to post about running, they have the option to subscribe to all feeds that involve running.  All of the topics that a users subscribe to will then appear in their “chimeline.” Will users leave the sites they already love for a new social media site; is the incentive great enough? With the incentive to post for a payment, will social media users decide to adopt into their social regimen?

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