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Google Chrome Tops Internet Explorer

Chrome Beats IE

The day finally came where IE fell to a newer browser, which just happens to be Google Chrome (which I love). The data was pulled from Statcounter, which samples over 15 billion page views per month. The speed, functionality and interface of browsers such as Firefox and Chrome made it only a matter of time before this day happened. Even with IE 10 coming out later this year, it’s doubtful that Microsoft will be able to be crowned king (again). This is a great title from an Engadget article about the new release “Microsoft confirms IE10 won’t run on Vista, millions of IE9 users shrug”. How I feel about the release sums up what the community thinks as well.

I am an SEO, and using many browsers is clutch to my job. More often than not I am in Firefox logged into all three browsers at once. I use one for Google Analytics and client work, one for personal, leaving one being anonymously logged in for pulling ranking data, screen shots, SEO plugins, etc. The triumvirate of browsers helps when you are dealing with a lot of different tasks, making work a whole lot more efficient.

With everything going on with Yahoo recently and its constant spiral downwards, it seems like these old dinosaurs just can’t compete with the new kids on the block.

Do you use more than one browser when you are searching the web, and if so, what’s the reasoning?

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