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Google Delays Sunsetting Cookies to 2024


Since the announcement of The Privacy Sandbox in 2019, the digital marketing world has been preparing for the “cookie apocalypse” and how to move forward without Google’s third-party data. For those who may not be aware, The Privacy Sandbox is a Google initiative to create a browsing experience focused on protecting the user’s privacy through innovative new tools and removing third-party cookies from Chrome. Instead, cookies will be replaced with a combination of API integrations to maintain user privacy while meeting the needs of advertisers.

The Privacy Center Development Gantt Chart Source: The Privacy Sandbox

Google Delays Sunsetting Cookies to 2024

Fortunately for marketers not quite ready to adapt to Google’s new privacy standards, you won’t have to anytime soon. For the third time in as many years, Google has announced they are pushing back phasing out cookies until the second half of 2024. In a press release updating the status of The Privacy Sandbox, there was the passing mention of this anticipated shift to 2024.

Head to Google to read the full product update on The Privacy Sandbox.

What Does This Mean for my Brand?

Still unsure how a cookieless world could impact your brand? Contact Overdrive Interactive to speak to one of our marketing experts on how we can ensure your marketing and website won’t be affected.


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