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Google Launches Instant Previews

If there was one thing that drove me absolutely crazy when searching through the internet for information that I crucially needed, it was when search results offered less than relevant information. As I nearly exhausted every single link by clicking through each of them to determine their credibility, I was also wasting a lot of time by doing so.

Fortunately, Google has taken a step forward by launching Google Instant Previews.  With this new search feature, users can preview the websites prior to entering them by clicking on the magnifying glass that now appears next to each link. After hovering over the magnifying glass, a preview box appears to the right of the screen showing what the site will look like if you were to enter it.

This transition allows for more accurate search results in a timely manner. With this new ability in Google search, it makes search engine optimization a topic to be focused on. Sites that focus more on content rather than design may find that users will click through to the unique and attractive design over the content-based sites.

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