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How I Use Twitter to Keep Up with the Weather

Over the years, I’ve created nearly 20 lists on Twitter, each of which you can see – and subscribe to – on my Twitter account here. I’ve put together a list of marketing, advertising and PR agencies, a list of nonprofit organizations and a list of those who have attended the Sudbury Social Tweetup, a monthly networking event in Sudbury (MA) that I co-host with FeedBlitz‘s Phil Hollows.

The biggest list I’ve created consists of 563 (and counting) media people, companies, outlets and organizations in and around Boston. And the smallest one is comprised of more than 20 Boston-area meteorologists, a list I turn to quite frequently to keep up with the latest weather forecasts, especially lately, given the fact that we’re in the throes of yet another cold, snowy New England winter.

You can check out the activity on this list below. Using a list widget, I embedded it as a public Twitter timeline, which means you’re seeing the tweets from members of this list right here on this blog post in real time. You’re getting the latest word in local weather from @nellyNECN, @pbouchardon7, @HarveyWCVB, @FOX25Shiri, @BarryWBZ and many others.

This is how I use to Twitter to keep up with the weather all year round. And how you can, too.

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