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How to use News Updates to Stimulate your Linkedin Group

When managing a LinkedIn group, it is incredibly important to ensure that the group is continuously updated with fresh content. In many cases, this content will be organically generated by group members.  As a group manager you can encourage this organic content generation by remaining active within your group, promoting membership to your group and through practices such as creating discussion questions.  If, however, these actions do not create the activity level you desire for your group, another effective method for developing fresh content is to post news articles.

There are two ways to go about posting news links within a group. The first is to create an RSS feed that will automatically generate content.  This method is effective if you are not worried about frequent news updates crowding out the posts of group members.  Some managers, however, prefer to have more control over the news that is posted within their groups and decide to manually manage news updates.

To add either type of news update to your group, first navigate to your group page by clicking on “Groups” tab and select the group to which you would like to update.

By selecting the group, you will automatically be sent to its “discussions” section.

From here, to manually upload a news article, click on “Attach a Link,” then copy and paste the link to the article that you want to upload into the text box that pops up and press “share.”

If, however, you want to set up an RSS feed, select the “Manage” Tab then on the menu to the left of your screen click on “News Feeds.”

Next, simply input the website or RSS URL that you would like to add to your group and click “Continue.”

Finally, some websites will have multiple RSS feed options.  Simply select the ones that you would like to subscribe to and click “Add News Feeds.”

Be careful, however, not to overuse news articles while managing your LinkedIn group.  While news offers a good way keep your group’s content fresh, it cannot replace member generated posts.  Try to avoid situations in which news updates dominate the groups wall and crowd out posts by the actual people who joined your group.

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