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Love Beer. Love Life. Overdrive.

At Overdrive we clearly work hard, but we also play hard.

So last Friday, we decided close up shop a bit early and take a field trip down to one of Boston’s finest establishments….the Harpoon Brewery. Located in Boston’s seaport district, a trip to the Harpoon Brewery not only would provide the Overdrivers with a needed break from the rigors of advertising life, but also a behind the scenes look at what goes into brewing Boston’s finest beer and an opportunity checkout Harpoon’s brand new beer hall!

The Overdrive Interactive Team at the Harpoon Brewery

The Overdrive Team at the Harpoon Brewery

Upon arriving at the brewery we convened in the beer hall for a beverage prior to our first event of the afternoon, the Brewery Tour. During the tour we learned about Harpoon’s entire brewing process from their sources of water (Quabbin Reservoir) to the various machines and components used to make this most delicious product.

Learning the finer points of the Harpoon brewing process from our tour guide.

Upon completing the tour, we then enjoyed a “Tap Talk” in the tasting room. Here we learned more about the various types of beer that Harpoon brews and were also able to sample some freshly brewed versions of the beers that we all know and love, as well as many that are exclusive to the brewery.

The Tap Talk prior to the sampling.

Listening to the Harpoon Tap Talk

Okay, this Tap Talk is nice, but can we please start the sampling?

Ahh, those samples are not just good, they're GRRREAT!

Finally, we concluded the afternoon back in the beer hall. Here we were able to put our newly acquired knowledge to the test via a blind tasting (otherwise know as “Guess The Beer”) while also enjoying delicious beer battered pretzels and freshly brewed pints of various Harpoon beverages.

Harpoon Beer Hall

Enjoying a few beverages in the Beer Hall.

Think you know your Harpoon? Well then, how about a blind taste test!

Yes, they have a wonderful selection and we just had to try them all!

When all was said and done, you can be rest assured that a good time was had by all! I can also say with about a 99.9999% degree of certaintly that most everyone was in agreement that this was a great way for a Great Team to spend a most excellent Friday afternoon.

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