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Mind-Blowing Facebook Stats and What to Do With Them

By now, you’ve probably heard that Facebook has exceeded 200 million users. Clearly social media is exploding and the stats aren’t just unprecedented, they’re mind-blowing! To demonstrate this, I did a some stat research this weekend to share with you here.

How can you use this info and put it to practical use?

As media planners and online marketers, we must look at media buying tactics that go way beyond the list of placements, sizes, and interaction options we have on the menu today. Media buying’s future won’t just be about buying clicks and impressions, it will also be about encouraging peer-to-peer impressions and getting people engaged with your content. It will be about doing Facebook Engagement Ads and using chiclets to generate clicks and to get people to become your friends or fans or to post or share your content. It will be about potentiating the power of your media dollars.

Absorb these stats, share them, and realize the potential of what’s happening. You can also incorporate them into presentations and e-mail you send to colleagues and clients, to show the power of social media marketing.

Let’s start with the big news. Last week on Facebook’s blog, Mark Zuckerberg wrote, “We will welcome our 200 millionth active user to Facebook some time today.” The post offers some Flash animation with some interesting facts and a heat map showing that in some areas, like the Northeast United States, Facebook has 900 users per every 10 square miles.

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