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Mobile Phone Users Lack Enthusiasm for Paid Mobile TV

Only about 20.6% of US mobile phone and PDA owners are interested in watching live TV on their mobile phones, even though almost half of the respondents viewed their mobile device as a source of entertainment. Most individuals would decidedly not enjoy paying a monthly subscription fee to partake in such services. In addition, the majority of users find that advertisements on their phones are a nuisance, though 24.8% would be willing to deal with the annoyance in exchange for lower monthly costs.

Currently, only 2.5% out of all mobile subscribers have signed up for a paid mobile video service. However in 2014, this percentage is expected to rise to 8.5%. While not a drastic change, and only a prediction at this point, it is significant, and should be noted by companies wishing to enter the mobile video industry.

Source: eMarketer, September 15, 2009

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