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Overdrive Interactive’s Summer Outing

On Friday, August 8, the employees of Overdrive ventured to Filippello Park in Watertown, MA for a day of food, games and fun in the sun. We couldn’t have asked for better weather, or a better venue, to display our athletic prowess. We owe the entire event to our receptionist Barbara, who did a phenomenal job planning and executing the entire day.

Check out the pictures from our outdoor adventure (including multiple shots of us proudly wearing silly hats in public).

Overdrive Interactive, Overdrive, Ovrdrv, Summer Outing, Filippello Park

The employees of Overdrive get ready to compete and show off their skills.

Team sign and silly headgear for competing in Overdrive's 2014 summer games

After everyone was assigned to a team, we demonstrated our team pride with signs and some frilly and fabulous headgear.

Cornhole toss at the Overdrive Summer Games

The Purple Team dominates at the Cornhole bean bag toss.

Overdrive Interactive, Ovrdrv, Summer outing, summer games, Filippello Park, Jenga

The Green Team carefully removes a block while playing a game of giant Jenga.

Blindfolded team members waiting to be spun in circles then guided to the finish line by their teammates.

A member from each team was blindfolded and then spun around until they were dizzy. Their team members then had to verbally guide them to the finish line (it was much tougher than it sounds).

Overdrive Interactive, Ovrdrv, Summer Games, Summer outing, Filippello park

Almost at the finish line…

Overdrive Interactive, Ovrdrv, Summer Outing, Summer games, Filippello Park

The Yellow Team takes the gold!

Overdrive Interactive, Ovrdrv, Summer outing, Filippello Park

Delicious barbecue from Blue Ribbon BBQ!

Overdrive Interactive, Ovrdrv, Summer Outing, Kites, Filippello Park

The kites came out in the afternoon as the company’s kite enthusiasts took advantage of the day’s strong breeze.

Overdrive Interactive, Ovrdrv, summer outing, kites, Fillippello park

We have liftoff!

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