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Paid Search Tips for Campaign Optimization

If you’ve ever run a paid search campaign, chances are you’ve come across keywords that, while viable for your campaign, garner too much traffic and are just too expensive to bid on.

However, what happens when the opposite is true? Some perfectly legitimate keywords carry such little frequency that Google may not show your ads consistently. I’ve highlighted some potential issues associated with low frequency keywords below and some tips on how to avoid this situation.

When keywords carry an extremely low search frequency (by Google’s standards) paid search ads may not be displayed consistently.

By increasing bids, this can counteract the low search frequency and increase the frequency of your ads being shown. The goal is to achieve a balance of ensuring your ads are being displayed while not increasing bids too high.

Keywords Are Phrase Matched

Normally for campaigns with a low cost per click you would want to broad match your terms, meaning that if someone entered any part of a keyword into a search query, your ads would show. This may not be possible though for a variety of reasons; maybe part of your keyword would not be relevant, maybe it would be too expensive broad matching certain terms

Whatever the reason, a little elbow grease can help counteract this situation. Adding all variations of a term – misspellings, words in a different order, etc. – any variation you can think that would even remotely make sense, should be added to the campaign. This way you have a much better chance of bidding on the exact keyword a user entered, which in turn gives your ads a much better chance of showing up.

While these tactics will definitely help, your ads still might not show up 100% of the time. The key is to closely monitor your campaign and find an acceptable balance of keyword bids and impression levels.

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