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Preparing an RFP for Interactive Media Buying

This week, I thought I’d deliver a pragmatic column: a sample RFP for online media buying.

The idea came to me after a client asked me about my firm’s planning process. The discussion centered on the amount of time it takes to do a good plan. The client had been doing its online media buying in-house and to them, it was a quick, simple process of calling the reps, getting the rates, doing the buy, and placing the ads. I politely wondered out loud if that approach to media planning might be the reason the firm’s online campaigns could have been doing better and why we were being brought in.

I told them that after we utilize all the research tools and processes to create a total universe of opportunities (basically an RFP list), we like to issue RFPs to the properties and give them a fair amount of time to respond. By doing so, we get much more detailed information about placements and, more important, provide media reps more time to come up with something innovative that’s more likely to succeed.

Click here for the rest of the article and sample Online Media Buying RFP

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