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Seven Google Tools to Manage Media Campaigns

One of the things I’m always talking about is how the line between search marketing and online media is blurring. Indeed, they’ve crossed over right into offline.

Clearly, search marketing is a form of online media, but consider this: when you turn on content targeting for your PPC campaign on Google, are you now running online media even though your ads are targeted by keywords contained in the content the ads appear next to? Of course you are. Add in Google Image and click-to-play ads, and you’re now actively running an online media campaign.

Every once in a while, Google visits our office to give us the full update on all the kinds of media that can be managed by both media and search professionals through its system. Here’s a quick breakdown for search marketers, online media planners, and offline media planners of all the things Google has to offer. I’m not writing this because I’m trying to promote Google. It certainly doesn’t need more promotion. I just find it interesting and useful to understand what can be obtained through the Google interface.

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