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Social Media: A Source of Value and Concern for Executives

As social media continues to remain the popular trend, it comes as no surprise that most company executives see it as adding considerable value to their company and brand. Over 80% of US management, marketing, and HR executives polled view social media as having a positive effect on customer and client relations, in addition to building their company’s brand. Almost half believe that it also improves employee morale.

The number one reason most executives use social media was for building up their brand and increasing awareness. Networking was the second most popular use, followed by customer service, sharing of work-related project information, and competitive monitoring. Sales prospecting and research were two of the least popular motives for utilizing social media resources.

Still, there are some executives who refuse to use social media at all. The main reason is a lack in knowledge of social media in general, and how to best use it in a corporate setting. In addition, the issue of security and confidentiality is a big enough concern to stop many executives from any involvement. There is also a worry that social media and social networking sites may have a negative effect on employee productivity.

Source: eMarketer, September 10, 2009

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