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Spring Potluck 2009

It was a bittersweet Potluck Lunch – last one at our Leo Birmingham Parkway location! Competition was fierce but thankfully everyone brought their A-game.

Setting up…the anticipation is building!
Fruits of our labor! All our client names were listed on the flags…brilliant!
Meryl recreated the garage in our office – very impressive! Complete with Austin Powers, and all.

Dig in!

And the awards go to…
Dan/Shane – best last minute dish (delivery is the way to go sometimes…)
David – best stomach satisfying dish (rum cake with homemade chocolate sauce)
Meryl – best 46 Leo Birmingham Parkway theme (see picture above for full effect)
Laura – best use of a condiment (chocolate frosting is considered a condiment around here)
Ra – best presentation AND most nutritious dish (fruit salad – see above for full effect)

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