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The Overdrive Team Goes To Fenway

As far as company outings go, you can’t get much more Boston than taking an Old Town Trolley to a Red Sox game, while wearing a Sweet Caroline themed Fenway shirt. OK, maybe if we had a guest with us like Tom Brady or Gronk perhaps, but there’s always next year.



We piled onto the trolley bright and early after receiving a wholesome breakfast of fruit, bagels, and different kinds of pastries. The pastries disappeared first, which surprised absolutely no one.

After a rousing round of Sweet Caroline on the trolley (which was so good, so good), we arrived at Fenway.



We milled around until the doors opened, resisting the amazing smelling sausage cart that had been strategically placed next to our group. It’s almost like they knew about the pastries.



Finally we arrived at our private party station, where we had a full menu of Fenway goods compliments of our great bosses. There was something for everyone, beer, wine, crackersjacks, and most importantly, hot dogs.



Our CEO Harry Gold gave a great speech about the past year, and the future that we all are looking forward to. Of course, we would have listened intently to any speech he had given at that time, as he had just given us free beer and hot dogs.



Our party station unfortunately closed during the game, but some brilliant people thought ahead, so snacks were still available.



We lost half of team Overdrive to the stadium bars around the 6th inning, but they were pleased to hear that the Red Sox pulled it out a W.



Overall, the day was a great success. We were so excited by the day, we wanted to spread our joy around. So we gave free high fives on the way home from the game.



Thanks for a great summer outing, Overdrive Interactive. Can’t wait to see how you up the game next year
(hint, invite Gronk).



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