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Twitter Stickers and How Marketers Can #StickTogether

Twitter announced its stickers feature last month and finished rolling it out to all users yesterday. They promoted the launch of the new feature with the hashtag, “StickTogether,” and a video featuring young YouTube stars – Dolan Twins, Jade Chynoweth, and Chachi Gonzales. Don’t know any of these stars? Me neither ¯\_(ツ)_/¯. Twitter is either targeting a younger demographic, or trying to encourage YouTube creators to publish videos on their platform, or both. Nevertheless, this is a great opportunity for marketers to add more pizzazz to their social posts.


Though peers like Facebook and Snapchat have offered stickers for a while, Twitter’s stickers are unique in two ways. First, when you open an image with stickers, they slightly expand and flash. This is a great way to animate images and draw attention to the stickers because – and here’s the second, more exciting way that Twitter’s stickers are unique- stickers are visual hashtags! This means that when you click a sticker you can see a stream of other tweets that tagged that same sticker.  Twitter is leveraging the game-like features that have been very popular on other platforms to help expand conversations on its platform. Well-played, Twitter!

Sticker by Twitter

Cat Twitter Sticker Stream

Marketers can use this feature to make their posts more creative, fun, relatable, and social. This is also great way to gain more visibility by adding more [visual]  hashtags to a tweet since it’s not a best practice to have more than two text hashtags per Tweet. This is, of course, assuming that people will click through stickers to see those conversations. We are curious to see how often that will happen and if Twitter will offer any new analytics to help us track the performance of stickers. Also, a possible direction for Twitter with stickers will be to introduce branded stickers just like they already offer branded temporary emojis. For now, here’s how you can get started tweeting with Stickers (and note that they are currently only available for images, not video):



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