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Users Having Ability to Control Behaviorally Targeted Ads Suggested

Recently, the Interactive Advertising Bureau (IAB) UK has announced the Online Behavioural Advertising (OBA) Certificate of Compliance has been received by several companies. Could this mean the push for users to control the behavioral targeted ads that they receive is in the near future? Possibly.

The OBA was designed by the IAB UK to make sure behavioral targeting is effective and practiced correctly, based on three key factors:  offering users notice about the data being collected and how it will be used; giving the option as to whether to participate; and educating users about behavioral advertising and its benefits.

As it stands now, it seems that cookies may be of restricted use in online advertising – because of having to aware each unique user with the presence of cookie being used – so the possibilities of mandatory “opt-ins” or default privacy settings arise. However, there is also the option of having an icon that reflects this kind of data being targeted – at least sending a message that the user privacy is being taken into consideration by the online advertising industry.

In addition to online advertising, Alcatel-Lucent has made motion towards mobile ads with the proposal to have operators be given the ability for a more direct way to contact their audience. This new advertising platform gives the option to participate, and will send SMS and MMS marketing to operators directly. This platform may also offer incentives such as lowered bills to get audiences to participate. At first glance, it seems that Alcatel-Lucent is going for those users who do not own or use a smartphone, giving a more direct way to target the audience for operators.

The “opt-in” ability that both online advertising and mobile advertising seems to be touching base on, allows user to control how they are being targeted and how often. With this way of user-control, it changes the game for behavioral targeted ads.

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